Accessible Fashion
Clothing is a major component of everyone’s life and a significant form of communication for both the wearer and observer.  However, fashion is most dominantly a visual form of communication. This project is focused on exploring how we can leverage crowdsourcing and wearable technology to make clothes accessible.

Project 2061 is an effort to build an exhibit for the LeadingAge conference in DC presenting what nursing room style level of care will look like in 50 years, compared to an exhibit displaying this level of care 50 years ago.

Graphic representations are critical to processing complex information quickly and easily. Not all users, however, are able to access these graphics. Craig Brown and Dr. Amy Hurst have been working on a project to create 3D representations of graphs for blind users. Through laser cutting and 3D printing on MakerBot, Craig produced multiple sample graphs that have demonstrated various graphs such as the unemployment rate. Through raised and lowered bumps on the graph, users can feel the pattern presented. Braille titles are also included. Future work will include more testing with users.

Source code for these projects is available on our GitHub Repository.

Videos of our work available on youtube.