The pad and its lab spaces are open to all UMBC students interested in prototyping and design.  Below are some of the people we have been working with and who have been frequenting the labs.

Amy Hurst, IS / HCC

Post Docs
Stacy Branham
Aqueasha Martin

PhD Students
Erin Buehler, HCC
Patrick Carrington, HCC
Germaine Irwin, HCC
Rita Shewbridge, HCC
Michele Williams

Uvonne Andoh, Erickson School
Joshua Dutterer, Biology
Caroline Galbraith, Applied Linguistics
Ben Gershowitz, Psychology
Brian Leiter, CE
Emily Schultheis, CE

Lisa Anthony
, HCC (former post doc, now faculty at University of Florida)
Lula Albar, HCC
Jennifer Beser, HCC
Jeffrey Boyd, IS
Robin Brewer
, HCC (now PhD student at Northwestern University)
David Brickler, BS in CS, Morehouse College, 2013 (DREU 2012 student)
Craig Brown, BS in CS and Economics, The George Washington University, 2012 (DREU 2011 student)
Farnaz Feizian
Phil Feldman
Brian Frey
Chitra Gadwal, CS
Steven Hall, Visual Arts
Sabeeh Hameed, IS
Skye Horbrook, BS in CS, Bowie State, 2013 (DREU student)
Shannon Hosmer, HCC
Chris Kidd, MS, HCC UMBC, 2012
Russ Jarowski, MS, HCC UMBC, 2012
Jasmine Jones, BS in CS / Interdisciplinary, UMBC, 2012
Shaun Kane, IS / HCC (Former UMBC IS faculty, now at CU Boulder)
Galina Madjaroff, HCC
Jesse Martin Interdisciplinary Computer Science, Mills College (DREU 2011 student)
Luke Roberts, BS in ME, UMBC, 2012
Callie Neylan, Visual Arts (Former UMBC Visual Arts faculty, now at Microsoft)
Syed Rahman, ME
Kate Ringland, BS in CS and BS in Psychology, Washington State University Vancouver, 2013. (DREU 2012 student)
Michael Roberts, ME
Karim Said
Darya Slobodyanik, HCC
Manpreet Suri, IS
Md. Iftekhar Tanveer, HCC
Clayonna Wheat, BS in IS, UMBC, 2013