Our Space

Currently the pad resides in two on-campus lab spaces.  Students, faculty, and staff associated with The pa have access to these labs for their research projects.

The “Launch” pad is located in the Information Systems Department, (ITE 473) and is the place to build physical prototypes.  Tools in this space that are available to PaD members currently include: a 18”x24” 40W laser cutter, a MakerBot 3D printer, a drill press, soldering equipment and minimal electronics, and Windows, Linux and OSX desktop computers.

The “Sketch” pad is located in the Visual Arts department (2nd floor of the Fine Arts building) and is the primary place for brainstorming, critique and other creative activities.  This space will be designed as a work/lounge space and will have the following tools available to pad members: 8 OSX desktop computers, plenty of blank wall and desk space, paper materials, couches, and a coffee machine.

When visiting, please consider using public transportation!  We have compiled details about how to visit us via bus, train, bike, and airplane.